What's new

New in v0.4.4 BETA:
- changed email design for notifications and newsletter
- changed session handling
New in v0.4.3 BETA:
- added experimental AI based translation for chapters
- added experimental warnings
- added unsubscribe feature
- added unsubscribe heade in newsletter
- changed buttons in reader to dropdown
- changed cookie creation (comply with Intelligent Tracking Prevention 2.1)
New in v0.4.2 BETA:
- added optimal send time feature
- added follow book feature (get notifications)
- changed notification handler
- changed to FontAwesome Pro 
- changed a lot of icons
- changed accordion design
- fixed a bug where js raised errors in account
- fixed a bug where leading zeros were missing in OTP
New in v0.4.1 BETA:
- added filters for search
- added PDF Export feature
- changed style of library
- fixed button colors in search mobile
- fixed a bug where bookmarks did't work if empty
New in v0.4.0 BETA:
- added ending feature, can be found in chapter options
- added genre feature, can be found in chapter options
- added option to publish chapter right after creation
- added option to disable fast search
- added strict option for search
- added content search
- added 'Schnelldenker' achievement
- added 'Drachenfeuer' achievement
- added 'Luftschloss' achievement
- added 'Knochensammlung' achievement
- added 'Harlekin' achievement
- added 'Privatermittler' achievement
- added 'Herzchen' achievement
- added 'Grenzenlos' achievement
- added 'Nervenkitzel' achievement
- added hidden achivement
- changed search backend
- small changes in email templates
- fixed a bug where 'Benachrichtigungen' Link in Menu was not linking correctly
- fixed a bug where logout/inactivity was not detected correctly
- fixed a bug where datatables plugin was not loaded properly
- fixed a bug where chapter short title in url was not working
- fixed a lot of small bugs and typos
New in v0.3.6 BETA:
- added continue reading feature
- added new hidden achievements
- added cookie achievement
- changed view counter for chapter read more
- fixed a bug where hidden achievement text was visible
- fixed a bug with wrong timestamps for achievements
- fixed a bug where horizontal scroll was enabled, but no content
- fixed a bug in headline CSS
- fixed a bug where empty search was broken
New in v0.3.5 BETA:
- added correct plaintext version of HTML emails (mails now score 10/10 again :D)
- added 2FA email option to authentication (auto/always/never)
- added OTP email template
- added re-validation of email, if updated by user
- changed codeiginiter v3.1.11 -> v3.1.13, solved many issues
- changed 'Kontakt' urls in all pages
- fixed a bug where images in emails had empty alt-tags
- fixed a bug where access on an empty array caused warning
New in v0.3.4 BETA:
- added domain verification for Brave-Browser
- added privacy declaration
- added auto-save function for create and edit chapter
- changed session cookie from 2h -> never expires
- changed table design: matches now spectre
- fixed a bug where dropdown-menu was not displayed correctly on mobile
New in v0.3.3 BETA:
- added tooltips, can be turned off in settings
- added distraction free reading mode
- added button to re-request validation email (in 'Benachrichtigungen')
- changed validation email: now uses mail_queue
- changed welcome email: now uses mail_queue
- changed spectre css v0.5.8 -> v0.5.9
- changed email templates for validation and welcome, optimized images
- fixed a bug where book details were not displayed correctly
- fixed a bug where disclaimer was displayed after register form was submitted incomplete
- fixed a bug where 'hide achievements' had no effect
- fixed a bug where linebreak in editor and reader was not rendered
- fixed a bug where avatar cropping did not work in latest
- improved info cards, now located in footer, globally accessable
- improved javascript, now located dynamically after content
New in v0.3.2 BETA:
- added password reset option
- added prio to bugs on features page
- added new achievements for comments, incl. hidden one - will you find it?
- added comments to profile page
- added button to read chapter from user chapter list
- changed 'tutorial' page to gallery with animations
- changed user tab 'Kapitel' to 'Inhalte'
- fixed a bug, where achievements for chapters were not calculated
- fixed image ratio in templates for new comment and new chapter
- fixed a bug, where cancel button did not work
- improved loading time of userlist
New in v0.3.1 BETA:
- added search in comments function
- added email notification for comments
- added comment notification settings
- added value of achievements in profile
- added correct behavior for user delete and comments
- fixed bug, where logging facility threw errors
- fixed bug, where comments threw error if not logged in
- fixed bug, where comments threw error if not exist
- changed button behavior in chapter edit
- changed footer content
- changed email templates
New in v0.3.0 BETA:
- added changelog to feature page
- added feature font
- added feature offline-font (settings are applied, but not saved)
- added font family IndieFlower-Regular (handwritten, googlefonts)
- added font family Amiri-Regular (serif, googlefonts)
- added delete and archive option for user account
- added change password option for user account
- added comment feature, create/delete
- fixed bug, where search didn't forward correctly
- fixed bug, where accessing the login page gave an error about empty fields
- changed layout in Books > Read

Known Bugs

description notes prio fixed
Edit 404 edit raises 404 if shortname is used low no
Filter exception applying an incorrect filter causes exception low no
Keine Möglichkeit das Passwort zurück zu setzen beim Login 01.03.2021
Datenschutzhinweis verhält sich nicht korrekt kann nicht akzeptiert werden, taucht nicht überall auf 06.03.2021
The URI you submitted has disallowed characters. Search does not URL encode after found match 23.09.2022
Chapters table in Profile theme doesn't match spectre.css 08.04.2021
Username change changing does not update URL medium no
Avatar upload cropping does not work 13.10.2020
User menu not working notification and bookmarks not always working, issues on mobile devices (can't close) 23.09.2022
User features change acc password 21.10.2020
User features remove acc 19.10.2020
HTTPS not supported use HTTP for developer view, HTTPS for live BETA 06.08.2020
Wordcount not correct HTML special chars are in count 26.05.2020
URL cleanup removed "index.php", changed rewrite rules 01.05.2020
Chapters could have been edited, no matter of user or follow up, as long the link was correct 23.04.2020
Teaser cannot be created or edited 23.04.2020

Feature Requests

date description status
08.04.2024 Experimental Language support: translate for content since v0.4.3
08.04.2024 Language support: GUI translation accepted
04.08.2021 optional 2FA based authentication via email since v0.3.5
03.03.2021 Catch-UP Reading Mode since v0.3.3
03.03.2021 Catch-UP Genre for chapters since v0.4.0
14.10.2020 Comment Function since v0.3.0
14.10.2020 Avatar Cropping since v0.2.1
03.10.2020 Bookmark Notification: Moved Notifications to Mail-Queue since v0.2.0
12.08.2020 Bookmark Support since v0.2.0
06.08.2020 Widescreen Support since v0.3.3
12.06.2020 E-Mail Functionality Note: working but only manually used from v.0.2+
01.05.2020 Dark mode: will wait for spectre native support accepted
01.05.2020 Text-Size selectable by user since v0.3.0
20.04.2020 Text-Font selectable by user since v0.3.0
01.05.2020 Achievements since v.0.1.3
01.05.2020 Notifications since v.0.1.3
27.05.2020 Search functionality since v.0.1.2
20.04.2020 create tutorial since v.0.1.1
20.04.2020 Rating of chapers since v.0.1.1
20.04.2020 Featurefull Text-Editor since v.0.1.1
20.04.2020 Voice based text input. Note: Voice to Text is already supported on most of the devices as an OS feature rejected


version status
0.4.3 (latest developer) maintained
0.4.2 DB active not maintained
0.4.1 DB active not maintained
0.4.0 DB active not maintained
0.3.6 DB active not maintained
0.3.5 DB active not maintained
0.3.4 DB active not maintained
0.3.3 DB active not maintained
0.3.2 DB active not maintained
0.3.1 not maintained
0.3.0 DB active not maintained
0.2.1 DB active not maintained
0.2.0 not maintained
0.1.3 DB active not maintained
0.1.2 not maintained
0.1.1 DB active not maintained

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